Serviceguard - how to change package IP on line/ off line

domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Change package IP address off line

Halt the package
# cmhaltpkg -v <package>

Update control files

Propagate the changes manually or use cmapplyconf
(legacy or modular)

Start package
# cmrunpck <package>

Check that the IP was added.
# cmviewcl -v

Change package IP address on line

You can change the IP address while a package is up but there's some risky... but can be done.
The recommended is do it off line to avoid any problems.

Use the command cmmodnet to remove the IP addres and after to add.

Using netstat -in check that the ip address is correct.

Check the cluster status:
# cmviewcl -v

Update the package script, propagate the change to other nodes.

For more infos about cmmodnet check man pages.