Configuring LAN on MP

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

This tutorial explain how to change the LAN configuration on MP. You can also leave the DHCP enable if you want use the bootp from your server (or other).

1. Connect to the serial port.
2. At the MP Main Menu, enter CM and press Enter to select command mode.
3. At the command mode prompt, enter LC and press Enter. The screen displays the default LAN configuration values. Write down the default values, or log the information to a file. You may need the information for future troubleshooting.
4. Use the LC command to disable DHCP.
a. From the LC command menu, type D and press Enter.
b. Follow the instructions on the screen to change the DHCP status from Enabled to Disabled.
c. Enter XD -R to reset the iLO MP.
5. Use the LC command to enter information for the IP address, host, subnet mask, gateway parameters, and so on.
6. Enter XD -R to reset the iLO MP.
7. After the iLO MP resets, log in to the iLO MP again and enter CM at the MP:> prompt.
8. Enter LC to confirm that DHCP is disabled and display a list of updated LAN configuration