Add a network printer queue

terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

You can use the hppi "gui" to add a network printer or.. the adqueue command.

First of all check the model script available:
# /opt/hpnp/bin/addqueue -l

Create the queue using the appropriate model script:
# /opt/hpnp/bin/addqueue -h {printer IP} -q{printer name} -b off -i {printer model}

Do you need another HP model script?

Check queue status:
lpstat {printer name}

Test the queue:
banner TEST | lp -d{printer name}

1.. to do that is necessary the "jetdirect patch" installed on box.
2.. to create a local printer you have to use the lpadmin command (not the addqueue or hppi).
3.. for default the addqueue command isn't in root path.