MC Serviceguard - Quick Reference

sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

cmviewcl -> Show the cluster status.
cmviewcl -v -> Show the cluster status detailed.

cmrunnode <node name> -> start the specified node.
cmhaltnode <node name> -> it will halt the specified node.

cmrunpkg -n <node name to start package> -v <package to start> -> start a package, the -n option is optional if you are running directlly in the node that will recevei the package.
cmhaltpkg <package name> -> it will halt the package.

cmruncl -v -> this command will start the cluster showing detailed infos, ALL nodes of cluster will be started.
cmruncl -n <node1> -n <node2> -f -> This commando will start the cluster just using the nodes selected, remeber you can't start the cluster withou 50% of cluster, in this case is necessary recompile the cluster before.
cmhaltcl -vf -> it will halt the cluster.

cmmodpkg -n <node name> -e <package> ->Changes the properties of the packet switch, you can use it when the package was automaticly switched.
"Unable to run package XXXX on node NNN. Node is not eligible.
cmrunpkg: Unable to start some package or package instances"

cmmodpkg -e <package name> -> enable autorun.