Extending a filesystem

quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

You can resize on line your filesystems just if your box has OnLineJFS.First of all verify if you have installed in your box OnLineJFS:

# swlist -l product | grep -i vxfs
# swlist -l product | grep -i online

Verify the free space:

Use the follow equation to calculate your free space:
((PE size * Free PE)/cur pv)=Free size to use in MB

Use the follow two  commands just if you have OnLineJFS

#lvextend -L 800 /dev/vgXX/lvolY  (extend logical volume rlvolY by 800MB)
#fsadm -F vxfs -b 800M /mountpointname (use fsadm to extend or extendfs when are not using JFS)

If you have OnLineJFS that's all :) but if you don't have it.. continue with the next steps :)

#lvextend -L 300 /dev/vg00/FILESYSTEM   //where 300MB will be  your new size
#extendfs -F vxfs /dev/vg00/rFILESYSTEM
If you are using samba:
stop the samba before process

You can do the same process through SMH (http://server:2381)
Look for OnlineJFS or AdvJournalFS