MC ServiceGuard - Debug logging

quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Use the cmsetlog to change the log severity, changing it to the most verbose log level (in all log categories):

# cmsetlog 5

You can restrict for log categories:

# cmsetlog –M NET –M REM 6
In this case network and remote comunication will be restrict, check the full list of log categories on man pages.

Use the cmsetlog if you want change the log location, this can help you to analyze and don't forget with high log lever greater 3 your syslog will increase the size.

# cmsetlog -f /tmp/MCSG.log

The debug logging is automatically stopped and reset to default once the cluster halted. Toreset the debug logging to default modules, categories and loglevel on a running cluster,simply use the command:

# cmsetlog -r

If the ‘-f <file>’ option has been used with cmsetlog to redirect logging to another file, youshould re-direct it back to syslog.log with the command:

# cmsetlog -s

Debug logging for Advanced Tape Services (ATS) with stsetlog
stsetlog is an undocumented command that enables debug logging for the ATS feature of SG. The usage is:

# stsetlog <level>
Level can be in the range of 0 to 6, where 6 is the most verbose level that also logs themessages sent by ATS. To disable debug logging use “

# stsetlog 0
The default logfile for ATS debug logging is


This procedure you can use just with the cluster on line therefore you can't use if you have problems to start the cluster.