MP commands

sábado, 4 de maio de 2013

Some commands are restricted to users with Operatoror Administrator authority. Also note that the available set of commands may differ depending on the utility revision level and server hardware model.

For details on these commands, use the help (HE: Help) feature at the service processor Main
menu. Enter the command name at the MP:HELP or GSP:HELP prompt for syntax, restrictions,
and other information.

Service Processor (MP or GSP) Command Reference
Command            Description
BO Boot an nPartition past Boot is Blocked (BIB)
DF Display FRU information of an entity
MA Return to the Main menu
MR Modem reset
PCIOLAD Activate/deactivate a PCI card
PE Power entities on or off
RE Reset entity
Reset an nPartition for reconfiguration; the nPartition remains inactive, in the shutdown
for reconfig state
RS Reset an nPartition
TC Send a TOC signal to an nPartition
TE Broadcast a message to all users of the MP Command Handler
VM Margin the voltage in a cabinet
WHO Display a list of MP connected users
CP Display nPartition cell assignments
HE Display the list of available commands
IO Display IO chassis/cell connectivity
LS Display LAN connected console status
MS Display the status of the modem
PS Display detailed power and hardware configuration status
SYSREV Display revisions of all firmware entities in the complex
PARPERM Restrict/unrestrict nPartitionReconfiguration Privilege
PD Modify default nPartition for this login session
RL Rekey Complex Profile locks
SA Display and set (enable/disable) MP remote access methods
SO Configure security options and access control (user accounts and passwords)
XD MP diagnostics and reset