Working with kernel

sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2012

You can use this command to see all kernel parameters and to change it.

Listing kernel parameters and the current configuration:
# kctune

Changing a parameter:
# kctune parameter=134217728

You can say for it change the parameters just after a reboot, there is few options to customize. Some parameter is mandatory to reboot for apply.


The kcmodule command queries and changes the states of kernel modules in the currently running configuration or in a saved configuration.

There is five different kernel state

From man page:

unused The module is not used in any way.
static The module is statically bound into the kernel executable.
auto The module will be dynamically loaded into the kernel when something tries to use it.
loaded The module is dynamically loaded into the kernel.
best The module will be put into the state identified by the kernel module
developer as its "best" state. Typically this will be auto, if supported by the
module, otherwise loaded, if supported by the module, otherwise static.
Note that a module in best state will inherit any changes that HP makes to
the "best" state for a module, in a patch or a future release of HP-UX.

How to see all optional modules and their current states?
# kcmodule

How to check the current state?
# kcmodule module

How to change the state?
# kcmodule module=newState