Adding a tape/CD drive to a HPVM guest

segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

To create an HP-UX sctl device file, follow these steps:
1. Run ioscan to pick up any new devices that may have just been connected:
# ioscan -fn

2. Locate the device designated for attachment.
2a. Install any device special files for these new devices:
# insf -e

2b. Check to see if the new devices were claimed by VM Host:
# ioscan -fun

The following is an example of a claimed tape device:
tape 1 0/2/1/0.5.0 stape CLAIMED DEVICE HP C7438A
/dev/rmt/1m /dev/rmt/c6t5d0BESTn
/dev/rmt/1mb /dev/rmt/c6t5d0BESTnb
/dev/rmt/1mn /dev/rmt/c6t5d0DDS
/dev/rmt/1mnb /dev/rmt/c6t5d0DDSb
/dev/rmt/c6t5d0BEST /dev/rmt/c6t5d0DDSn
/dev/rmt/c6t5d0BESTb /dev/rmt/c6t5d0DDSnb

3. Install sctl device files under the /dev/rscsi/ directory using the hpvmdevmgmt
command. For example:
# hpvmdevmgmt -I

The resource statements for attached devices take the following forms depending upon device

For magnetic tape, use:
For media changers, use:
For CD/DVD burners, use:
Where /dev/rscsi/cXtYdZ is an HP-UX sctl device file to the device type specified.

4. Locate a /dev/rscsi sctl device file that corresponds to the device slated for attachment.
If the device was claimed, the /dev/rscsi file ends with the same cXtYdZ numbers.
The following is an example of a tape device:
Claimed = /dev/rmt/c6t5d0BEST
SCTL = /dev/rscsi/c6t5d0

The following is an example of CD/DVD burner device:
Claimed = /dev/rdsk/c4t3d2SCTL = /dev/rscsi/c4t3d2
The following shows how the hardware address is broken down into controller, target and
device numbers:
c is the instance of 0/2/1/0
is 6
t is 5
d is 0
The sctl file to create is /dev/rscsi/c6t5d0

To create the sctl device file, see scsi_ctl(1M).Use the mknod command, substituting the values in the minor number as noted:
# /usr/sbin/mknod /dev/rscsi/devname c 203 0xCCTL02

The following is an example of media changer device:
Claimed = /dev/rac/c6t0d0
SCTL = /dev/rscsi/c6t0d0

Now attach the device in his guest (vm1), follow an example:

# hpvmmodify -P vm1 -a "tape:scsi::attach:/dev/rscsi/c6t0d0"

source: Installing and Managing Integrity Virtual Machines 3.5 manual