Add lan to a HPVM (using a specified vlan)

sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Replace <name> with the name of your virtual machine and <networkname> with a name for your network. Every virtual machine must have the same network name to be part of the same LAN.

1 - Log in your HPVM host

2 - Create a virtual switch:
# hpvmnet -c -S <networkname> -n 900

3- Define 2 ports with vlan 113 and 213:
# hpvmnet -S <networkname> -u portid:1:vlanid:113
# hpvmnet -S <networkname> -u portid:2:vlanid:213

4- Modify the VM to have a network device attached to the virtual network:
# hpvmodify -P <name> -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:<networkname>:portid:1
# hpvmodify -P <name> -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:<networkname>:portid:2

5 - Check the network in the hpvm guest, if everything is right you will see a new adapter:
# hpvmnet -S <networkname>